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Green4Health is a company that specialises in developing tomatoes, focusing on taste, good bite, a luxurious appearance and quality.

Green4Health has been laying excellent foundations for over 10 years now, with high-quality initial stock. We focus in particular on Santa, loose and vine cherry, cocktail and speciality/culinary tomatoes in all shapes and colours.

Each tomato we develop must meet an extensive range of requirements, with taste and excellent quality coming first. In addition, we make sure that we breed in the required resistances, allowing the tomatoes to be cultivated the world over. We therefore run tests in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Japan and Spain.

At Green4Health, we have taken on the challenge to do something out of the ordinary. With our varieties, we therefore offer nothing but top quality. This is highly appreciated by our customers and helps them stand out in the market.

Using genetic marker technology and improved crop knowledge allows us to work in a more targeted manner and make constant enhancements to the way we breed in new features.

On the global market, there is a demand for new varieties that are able to utilise nutrients more efficiently and that are more resistant to global warming, viruses and insect infestations.

Our breeding focuses on working together with customers to develop new varieties that meet the demand for features in today's market.

Introducing Arie and Roel

Arie van der Windt

Arie van der Windt

After breeding tomatoes and various other vegetable crops at a major seed company for 18 years, I started applying this knowledge to organic and naturally resistant cultivation 10 years ago.

My goal has always been to focus on breeding cherries, minis, Santas and specialities. Green4Health also focuses on these areas, and I've set up lines that are unique to us. We've used these to create new cultivars of the highest quality, with excellent taste and shelf life.

Roel Huisman

Roel Huisman

With over 20 years' international experience in managing and marketing health products for humans and animals alike. Over the last few years, I've also built up a large network among suppliers of raw materials, researchers and buyers, and I've made specialist connections between them all, providing us with a strong foundation to market the fine produce that Arie creates. Whereas Arie takes care of breeding at Green4Health, I'm responsible for our organisation's strategy.

Tomaatblaadjes - Green4Health BV

Latest news

Rassenproef Someren - Green4Health BV

Trial in Someren

1 June 2018

Trial in Someren, the Netherlands is going really well. The plants are growing well, strong continue...

Innovating with tomatoes: LED lighting in growth chambers - Green4Health BV

LED lighting in growth chamber

19 October 2017

Major subsidised project supported by the Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance and provincial aut...

Extra-sweet tomatoes with a special bite - Green4Health BV

Seed production for Japan

5 October 2017

Green4Health has received an order to produce a unique seed and variety for a customer in Japan. In...

Tomaatblaadjes - Green4Health BV

Assessment of the Arieco mini Santa after 11 weeks in the greenhouse

Compared with Green4Health's Milenco Santa red, the Arieco has a completely different cluster structure, is full of fruit, has a good arrangement, and the first tomatoes that were recently harvested already taste great. The taste can only get better,...

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